Brown and Proud.

‘Don’t judge me by my colour,

I am not paint.

Your institutionalised shades of beauty shan’t sell me fairness creams.

The melanin in me isn’t the result of a dysfunctional gene.

If you think I give a dime about the hue I am,

brown or black or yellow, mustard honey or ochre mellow, colour no. 455 shade 3.

Look at the Earth beneath your feet,

I’m in good company the polite folk,

Call me dusky.’ – Priyal Thakkar.
These clever words imbibed a sense of oneness in me. Discrimination is a violation of human rights and must not go unchallenged. I’ve grown up dark-skinned in a colour-conscious land and like many others, I’ve have often faced colour discrimination. I made this drawing on the occasion of Zero Discrimination Day to spread and support diversity, tolerance and inclusion.

Medium – Black permanent marker on OHP transparent sheet.

The reason why I’ve doodled this on a transparent sheet is because it allows me to uphold my drawing and views in front of various backgrounds depicting those numerous areas where the ‘fair and lovely’ theme still runs deeply in our society.

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