PEACE – Unity in Diversity.


‘Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the prefect present for the test of our civilisation.’ – Mahatma Gandhi 

29 states, 7 union territories, 22 official languages, 1652 mother tongues, 3000 castes, 7 major religions and 30 festivals – India’s unity in diversity is an epitome of cultural brotherhood. The sense of oneness and pride runs deeply among us Indians mainly because of our multilingual and multicultural background. However, these varied religions have often been linked to catastrophic conflicts like the partition of British India (1947), Gujarat communal rights (1969) and anti-Sikh riots (1984).

I never understand the concept of blind worship. There is no religion that propagates violence or war or bloodshed. It’s the beliefs of the extremists or some other sects of people that often plague a religion. The only kind of blind faith that can lead to any good is your faith in peace and happiness. That is exactly what the painting below depicts. The two disciples, believers of different religions, are religiously and blindly following the path of peace and harmony and illuminating their lives with joy and tranquility. The figure in the middle is a representation of all the gods from different religions who itself is nurturing the idea of peace.


While I was going through various religious symbols, I thought of presenting them in a manner that they themselves form the word PEACE. This again reinforces the fact that all the religions spread the message of harmony.






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While I was making this design, I was reminded of my previous drawings underlying the same view.

This was my entry for Doodle 4 Google India, 2014.

I made a peacock out of the ‘G’ with the feathers of various religions, followed by a Sikh man’s face for the first ‘o’, and for the other ‘o’ I drew the Buddha’s head. The small ‘g’ showed an Islamic man praying, while the ‘l’ portrayed Christianity and for the ‘e’, I drew the features of durga ma.


I made this really immature eye back in 2013. The eyeball is made of the peace symbol which further comprises of various other peace signs like the dove, lotus, heart etc. Alongside the eyelashes, run a number of flags of various countries in order to celebrate peace and diversity around the globe. And the slogan depicts the necessity of international peace.


It’s big time we accept that relating or blaming everything to religion cannot be a solution to terrorism or conflicts. The only way we can spread more positivity is by adopting an inclusive nature, by practicing peaceful traditions and by celebrating diversity.

United we stand, divided we wall. 

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